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Mbappé Shin Guards

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Mbappé for Kids Shin Guards

Product Information

Our Mbappé for Kids Shin Guards, a special model for Kids!

Our Shin Guards are extremely lightweight, thin and give you optimal comfort on the pitch. We've developed them to make you wonder if you're even wearing shin guards, that's the comfort you can expect. Of course, you can customize the Premium Shin Guards into your own unique custom shin guards with our super easy to use design tool.

Product Specifications

  • Perfect shell and padding width for the ultimate protection
  • Fabric on the back foam for more comfort and better grip
  • 1 Year guarantee: All our custom shin guards come with 1 year guarantee. We will replace them in case they break

Product Details

Model: Mbappé
Unbreakable Fiber Glass (1 year guarantee)
Sizes: S = 14,5cm
(find the Size Guide in the pictures)